Monday, September 8, 2008


WOW am I excited. This weekend was the Vermont Wool Festival see here.

I won FIRST PLace, Blue Ribbon for my Novelty Yarn, And if that was NOT enough, I also won 3rd prize for my other skein. I will post pics soon. I was told that the two 8 x 2 ft tables were PACKED with yarn, so I did not win BEST of show but I DID WIN FIRST PLACE!! So there are 4 categories ,and I won in Novelty both 1st and 3rd place!
I could have cried with joy because i am totally self taught, I use the internet to learn too. But when I learned 13 years ago I only had ONE 1/2 hour wheel lesson. I created my art yarns on the Hand spindle I make what I sort of funky, and fun.
I won a wonderful gift, a beautiful felted bracelet of course it had my favorite color Purple in it, very very lovely! I will post more on that with pics. I just had to tell you all my great news.!

So I also entered into the OPEN gallery my KNITTER's CHATELAINE. That won a participant ribbon. They did not have formal judging for that. The chatelaine is something you wear around your neck, there is a fob to hold needles and pins and the other end holds your scissors. Well I made a Wonderful one for Knitters and it has all sorts of attachments so you don't have to dig through your bag anymore, but just carry this and knit!
I will post pics.