Sunday, March 29, 2009



Dear ones, If you have not yet found Knittyspin , you have missed a LOT... but never fear, You can Catch up, Read it all FOR FREE!! Plus check out this really FANTASTIC WRAP Shawl by Kate Atherley, called "SHEEP WRAP" It is so nice and warm, chunky warm. I spoke with Kate who is very kind. You can find her on under the name of wisehilda .So visit this wonderful Wrap, It is great for us with Facial Pain. Wrap your head warm from cold breezes!!
Hugs, grace
PS I am Halalsilks at Ravelry.

Monday, September 8, 2008


WOW am I excited. This weekend was the Vermont Wool Festival see here.

I won FIRST PLace, Blue Ribbon for my Novelty Yarn, And if that was NOT enough, I also won 3rd prize for my other skein. I will post pics soon. I was told that the two 8 x 2 ft tables were PACKED with yarn, so I did not win BEST of show but I DID WIN FIRST PLACE!! So there are 4 categories ,and I won in Novelty both 1st and 3rd place!
I could have cried with joy because i am totally self taught, I use the internet to learn too. But when I learned 13 years ago I only had ONE 1/2 hour wheel lesson. I created my art yarns on the Hand spindle I make what I sort of funky, and fun.
I won a wonderful gift, a beautiful felted bracelet of course it had my favorite color Purple in it, very very lovely! I will post more on that with pics. I just had to tell you all my great news.!

So I also entered into the OPEN gallery my KNITTER's CHATELAINE. That won a participant ribbon. They did not have formal judging for that. The chatelaine is something you wear around your neck, there is a fob to hold needles and pins and the other end holds your scissors. Well I made a Wonderful one for Knitters and it has all sorts of attachments so you don't have to dig through your bag anymore, but just carry this and knit!
I will post pics.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


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I would love to make these LACEWING SOCKS!

I saw these Lace Wing Socks and Wow these are a nice summer sock made by Anna in England! I am still not a great sock knitter at this point but would love to make them in a bit...If I were to make them i would go a bit longer. I have some puffier feet but maybe I can adapt this with some help.Thought you might enjoy seeing these OTHER pretty sock from Anna. She has free patterns!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Well I totally forgot that in my webtravels I came across this Gorgeous Shawl. I am thinking if I can Get that pattern ( Crochet, not knit) I could do this secretly for my daughter. It is The " Sweet Pea Crocheted Shawl ". I can show you a Pic in close up of this but there are small variences in design.Many have created this shawl in many colors. I like that web type Look at the colore of this gorgeous closeup here...

I can't afford to purchase the pattern ( spent all my cash at my LYS) if ANYONE Knows If I can have a FREE copy of the pattern just to make ONE shawl?
All I know is that it uses only single crochet , uses 7 skeins of dk yarn and a size 5.5mm hook ( Not sure what that is in the crochet Letter size) so a freebie has to be out there somewhere!!
Can you help me? I figure if I start it now, when my daughter gets married in years I will be Finished! But I actually do crochet much much faster than I knit, but I knit because I use less yarn and I like the turn of the cloth, and the designs. But I grew up with crochet around me. My grandmother was from Italy and she did the most intricate doilies and bedspreads with thread and IN HER HEAD, she did not use a paper pattern.. and I am named after Grandma Grace so she taught me crochet. I enjoy ALL forms of needlework! How about you!

Singing Those Knitting Blues

Those knitting blues have got me down... I had to frog down BOTH my socks because of problems with heel flaps... and this is my first pair of socks... see all about them on my Ravelry Site.
So I figured I would pick up Rob 's hat ( I am a SLOW knitter).. and I found in the basketweave accents I made a MESS in spots. I frogged it and tried to redo it so now that is sitting alongside sad socks.
I started on a gorgeous lace hat for our new niece and guess what? The hat pattern is in tiny print but parts of the lace are in the sweater section, This pattern has me flipping back and forth.. and I ended up doing the WRONG rows!! I had to rip that out.
I was thinking this might be a NON knit week.... but my fingers were "itching " to move... and I had a friend over for tea, I figured we might spin or card some wool but I had a big SURPRISE...
My darling dear girlfriend gifted me for no reason at all with some we RAN to the nearest LYS for YARN and some New Circs... and some new yarn. Kelly at the shop has this tiny hat pattern, sort of like a fruit hat but the decreasing is different and it can be made in a couple days. So I got some Cascade Fixation in baby hues of pinks yellow blue and white and I am going to go and KNIT ThisBaby hat!!
God is so kind. He knew i was going to throw in the towel if I did not have some success too! So he sent my friend to cheer me up.
Oh and in some web searching I found a WONDERFUL Knit site... check it out!
Have fun !

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I am creating My new store on Etsy!
I hope you will bookmark and visit soon!

Etsy is a great internet site with all sorts of hand made items for sale!


HOORAY!!! I am on Ravelry!!
A great place for folks who knit, crochet and have fiber stashes!
I predict Ravelry will be THE place in future for the Best in Fiber
Patterns ,and Info. It has free patterns too! Check it out!